"did you get to be who you are. and if not, then why. that, my friend, is the big why." - Michael Winter

young rival – interior light


The open road is impossible, stretching farther into the distance than it should be able to. On one side, fields tear by, tall stalks triumphant in the wind. On the other, the setting sun casts a steep glow across the tops of what was once green, now golden. Steady in your ear, familiar sounds combine and blend together to create new ones. Starting with a haunt, bass and drums begin together and refuse to stop, even when they slow to turn a corner. A pulse, joined by shrill guitar and covered in a stretched-out drawl, lazy and warm. Like the road it bends and forgives, as a hidden iciness is melted by a sweet hum that buzzes like a bee around fountain of dropping pollen. Casually astute with the bored predilection of an outside observer, “sunsets, moon sets, everything sets, I was looking for a cigarette / everybody’s waiting in the dark, wondering what’s next, and how they can get in”. It floats, and long after the song is over the air remains warm, slowly slipping away as it cools, until suddenly you’re freezing and left out in the cold. What are we still doing here? Cast one more over-the-shoulder glance, put your head down and listen again, holding on a little tighter.

Original article on Extreme Nonchalance.

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