"did you get to be who you are. and if not, then why. that, my friend, is the big why." - Michael Winter

eskimeaux – power


The first words trip, stunted and weird and feeling their way for what sounds like the first time. Then a chorus like fattened Belle and Sebastian through a mist of daytime campfire sparks in warm air. Always dreamy and never dreary, a hazy summer afternoon that stands still without the possibility of ending. Illuminated by bubbling synth and rolling drums, our scene only grows cold if you listen to the words (“Wish I could love you less like a praying mantis / rip your head off every time this starts to feel right / wish I could love you less/ just love, that’s it”).

The rest of the song is a love letter to loneliness and the power of being alone. With painstaking slowness, it drops deliberate words to create a shallow path through the reflections of a sad girl during jury duty. Like Courtney Barnett inspecting the mundane, thoughts get calmer as they grow deeper. By the end, our original desire for less love is seen for what it really is – a fear of loss of love.

Original article by Kristin Conrad on Extreme Nonchalance.

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