"did you get to be who you are. and if not, then why. that, my friend, is the big why." - Michael Winter

bossie – tell it all


New songs often sound the same – a natural result of the artistic process that involves being influenced by what’s happening around you. From Toronto, Bossie is Anne Douris and unlike other, more ambiguous songs in the same vein, her message is clear.

In an interview with Noisey, Douris said she has anxiety about forgetting things, and spoke about the threat of Alzheimers and to the importance of storytelling. The lyrics of “Tell It All” reflect this, as the chorus rings “cameos and silhouettes that I can see for just a couple seconds but not long enough to trace / all that matters now is getting out the words that I can still speak / when my light goes out / would you keep a fearful eye on both our memories?”

Laced with maturity, the song glows on synths. Her voice is straightforward, never shy. Still glittering, traces of shimmering vocal echo are used instead of overarching effects that smother and disguise. The result is a strong message wrapped in an upbeat experience. It tells the story of stories, and the importance of remembering, while explaining the difference between showing and telling.

Original article by Kristin Conrad on Extreme Nonchalance.


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