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Many years after her passing, the ideals of Ayn Rand constantly resurface in current politics and popular culture. Issues she wrote about continue to influence and affect society, and more readers than ever before are discovering Rand’s work and philosophy. Yesterday, the Ayn Rand Institute announced they will be publishing a lost novel called “Ideal” in July 2015 with Penguin Random House, with a release in a volume with the Ayn Rand play of the same name. Continually […] Continue reading →

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Stephen Harper has been making headlines across the country and internationally since he took the helm of the Conservative party 8 years ago. He has been the subject of many forms of analysis and debate, with media and the literary world documenting and cataloging his career. Today, Maclean’s journalist Paul Wells won the Dafoe Book Prize for his analysis of Stephen Harper and Canadian conservatism in his book, “The Longer I’m Prime Minster: Stephen Harper and Canada […] Continue reading →

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Blue Ice Pictures has announced the purchase of exclusive film production rights to Robyn Doolittle’s “Crazy Town: The Rob Ford story”, promising dramatic treatment in the presentation of a serious Toronto-based story to be released in an unspecified timeframe. The story finally sheds light on the ongoing scandals plaguing Toronto’s City Hall, after Doolittle spent more than two years following the mayor of Canada’s biggest city. […] Continue reading →

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Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been making international headlines since last November, when he admitted he used drugs after an alleged video of the politician smoking crack cocaine surfaced. Media scrutiny has since increased, and this week is no exception as his name and his activities are again the subject of attention, this time in a story longer than any other. On February 3rd, Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle released her book, “Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story”, a combination of […] Continue reading →

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Life is a journey, not a destination, as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. This journey has enabled Olivia Chow to explain how she contended with her grief following her husband’s death from prostate cancer, in a memoir published in Toronto this week. […] Continue reading →

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